Pill Salvation Army Corps

Salvation Army, 1 Heywood Road,
Pill, North Somerset.

(Directly opposite the shopping precinct)


Our Church Mission Statement:

                As part of the Universal Christian Church and a member of the International Salvation Army we exist : -
                              “To bring Christ to the people….and the people to Christ”

                             Our vision is to pilot our communities into the safe harbour of Jesus Christ.

 Our Values


Welcome to Pill Salvation Army

We are situated right in the heart of the village and look forward to seeing you at any time.
If you are interested in finding out a bit more about us and what we do, click on the links.

We are very friendly and would always welcome a visit. You can come
to any of our services or just turn up at one of our social activities.

Details can be found on our Regular Events link. 


Our Blogspot for update information: Pillcorps.blogspot.com