Ecumenical information

Ecumenical Information

'One Faith, One Lord, Different Denominations'

This statement really does illustrate the partnership of Churches in this locality. There are six churches (although this site focuses on the four in Pill) and four denominations but they all follow one Lord through the Christian faith.
As individuals and as part of each Church, we follow the Lord in different ways to meet a variety of needs. At the same time, we also recognise there are many things we can do better together. Consequently, an Ecumenical Partnership has been formed.
A more formal written Ecumenical agreement exists between the Baptist Church, the Methodist Church and Christ Church. 
These Churches form the Local Ecumenical Partnership, (LEP). Meetings are held regularly and frequently to discuss, plan and organise how together, they can unite to optimise the work of the Church in the local community.
Although St. George's Church, Easton-in-Gordano, St. Mary's Church, Portbury and the Salvation Army are not formally assigned to the written partnership, they are represented at these meetings and constantly work with the Pill Churches in the LEP.
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